Today's "Word Of Mouth"

There are many people who have an internet presence as an expansion, or as their sole means of trading, and there any many things you need to do to reap the benefits from this online presence that you have.

No matter what your products or service that you provide, there is a huge amount of marketing and advertising that has to be conducted, purely to the amount of competition on the internet. We all know about search engine optimization and customer reviews that can have an effect on your traffic and potential sales.

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If you only concentrated in these areas, you would be left out and feeling a little disappointed, as no matter how you try, you just can’t reach new customers

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Social media makes it much easier for people to interact, listen, engage and interact with each other, and reach much more people than you could imagine. Due to the possibility of exposure from all the many various social media sites that are used, how can you manage this time-consuming task?

DotSense Media know how important it is for you to take full advantage of social media for your business, and can help to put social media management systems into place to help you manage and monitor what people are saying with regards to your business.

With this, it is possible to automate your outbound messages and deliver them automatically to all your social media channels, and this can, in turn, increase your social media presence.

Why you should care.

Word of mouth is one of the biggest influencers towards people in history, and if you have not heard, social media is the equivalent of word of mouth, but at a faster and bigger rate. Our professionals at DotSense Media can help you to tap into your online conversations and allow you to join in with relative ease, and as a business, you can see what people are saying about your brand, be it good or bad. You can also get an insight into any popular trends and what your competitors are doing in the marketplace and what you have to do to remain competitive.

This social media management service also allows you to represent your company and brand in a more natural way and can allow you to build the all-important credibility, you will also find you have direct links to your customers, who you can reach out too easily.

DotSense Media know only too well how well this management service can be, crucial if you find you have negative comments or reviews regarding your business, it is now also possible for you to deal with complaints much quicker than reading a number of reviews and how many stars they have.

Just how much time it takes just to cover some of the simple things, such as:


  • Creating content (multiple locations) on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook page, yet, all of these should be monitored, comments approved, and the responding of these, on the sites.
  • Constant scanning of your Twitter followers for any conversations you may wish to join, or checking RSS reader subscriptions for articles which are relevant and responding to these.
  • Google Alerts need checking to see when and where your business is mentioned on the Web
  • Creating and monitoring an online community and topics with sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

DotSense Media know that this demand is only going to increase, yet our professionals can find out your social media management requirements and integrate a system that can future proof you against these increases.

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