PPC Ad Management

Ad management can be one of the quickest and easiest ways of obtaining more customers, yet there is a cost associated with it, and if not managed correctly, it could be money wasted from an ineffective PPC campaign

What is PPC?

PPC is a way of advertising your products or services to many customers, it is based on keywords where the ads are presented relevant to the search a potential customer is making. Although your ad may be returned in a search, they still have to be converted into actual clicks and then sales.

DotSense Media can design and create compelling ads which are highly optimized with the best keywords for your products, this can give you a much better chance of your potential customer’s good reasons to choose your ads rather than the competitions.

PPC Management Las Vegas SEO
PPC Management las vegas

Why you need professionals?

DotSense Media has professionals in place who can help you right now to increase your web traffic and access to a greater number of potential customers, PPC is highly competitive especially in the choice of the all-important keywords which are used. Our consultants can work with you to choose the best and most cost effective PPC strategy that can help with the following:

  • The attraction of many more prospects, increase your online sales and present your information to more people quicker.
  • Streamline any current ad campaign to a lower cost per click while increasing its click-throughs
  • Specify who is presented with your ads, from location to the time they’re searching for your products and services
  • Control your ad spending by setting budgets
  • You can now reach out to a mobile audience
  • Get more calls around 70% of people will call a business from the search results.
  • Get a suspended AdWords account back to good standing

Our Process

Our professional PPC consultants follow a strict process to obtain the healthiest and most effective PPC campaigns for your business, this we achieve by following strict guidelines and processes.

PPC Keyword Research
Our helpful friendly professionals can help to not only find but utilize keywords which will help generate the most leads and the best return on your PPC ad investment. They will research your industry and target audience based on their requirements to find the most highly effective keywords which can be used for your campaign.

Optimization of PPC
Our aim is to optimize your cost per click and positioning of bids which will give the highest financial gains, yet this will need a never-ending process of testing and implementation to compete with other advertisers. We can continually make sure your landing pages are fully optimized, as is the text on your ads, and we can track performance which allows our professionals to continually improve the quality of traffic to your website and increasing new customer numbers in the process.

Our PPC Audit
DotSense Media hate waste, and a badly designed PPC campaign can be just that, we aim to help discover new opportunities while reducing overspending by looking in detail at any previous campaigns you may have, we can regularly audit the performance of your campaign to ensure each and every single penny is getting a return.

PPC Design & Copy
An ad only has seconds to grab a customer’s attention, out copywriters and designers can create great ad copy and fully optimize your landing page which can increase conversions.

If you would like to see a dramatic improvement in your PPC campaigns, please contact the professionals at DotSense Media who are more than happy to help, and you too can quickly see the difference that well-constructed PPC campaigns can bring.

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