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  • Your site content, keyword use, design, link structure, page titles and descriptions.
  • Competitive market analysis calculating traffic potential to your website.
  • Analysis of your competition and where you stand among them.
  • ​Link report showing all of the sites that are currently linking to yours, as well as a break down on which are helping and which are hurting you.
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    If you don't have any in mind, no worries, we'll research a few based on your website and give you our suggestions on which you should try to rank.


    Give us any other details on your project that will help us put together an accurate picture of your business and your goals.

    Can you give me a quick description of what you are doing for marketing now? ?

    Are you currently tracking where your customers come from? (if so, how?)

    Average out the prices of your services/product and pick a number that best represents your company.

    Average price of your product or service? ?

    If you talk to 10 potential clients a week, how many do you usually get to purchase your product/service?

    Average Closing Rate ?

    If you were operating at an ideal volume of work, what does that look like compared to right now?

    This can be things like "a receptionist, sales system, crm, sales team, etc."

    Do you currently have a sales system/process in place to handle an influx of new business? ?

    How active are you on social media and which (facebook, pinterest, twitter, etc.)?

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