Improve your closing rate.

DotSense media can now help you to improve your closing rate, we can either give full training, or we can consult with your present practices and see if there any areas which may need improvement.

It can be a case that you have many different salespeople and some generally perform better than others? This does not mean some are doing anything wrong, it can be the top sellers have more of a natural ability towards closing deals.

Whatever the reason, we have experienced consultants who have many to improve their closing rate, and we can do this in a friendly, rather than formal manner.

Sales Training Las Vegas
Sales Training Las Vegas

Ten Tips

As an insight, we have listed ten ways in which you can improve your closing rate:

Definition of closing – there are many who think that closing is, the signing of the final piece of paper, when in fact aiming for this can lose a customer’s trust. Selling is a series of closes which follow logical steps.

Planning for a close on each call – this does not have to be a sale, if it can be one of the steps that lead to a final sale, this is good. It can also be an introduction to another person, placing your name on a shortlist or the signing a letter of agreement.

No close is guaranteed – these must be earned, and what you do before the final sale dictates the outcome, you should demonstrate that you indeed want the business from the start and all through the process, pitch yourself against what is the most important to your customer.

Take it Slow – sales people can be eager to push on at a fast rate, and show solutions too early in a sales process, this can have an effect as at this point they are not in a position to win. You should make sure you have all relevant information beforehand so you avoid a risk of jumping straight to a solution.

Join the Dots – people buy your product or service for what it will do for them, never assume a customer wants what you think they want

Don’t oversell – very often people become too enthusiastic and end up overselling a product or service, only divulge part of the information and keep this relevant to your customer.

Four words – “what do you think?” end with this and then listen to the answer, you will get to learn a customer’s perspective without trying to force it, you can very often learn enough that lead directly to a close.


With this, it is possible to automate your outbound messages and deliver them automatically to all your social media channels, and this can, in turn, increase your social media presence.


Why you should care.

There are many other tips and tricks available as to how to actively increase your closing rate, many of which are easy to put into practice. DotSense media can help you or your staff to improve your closing rate following a few simple steps. This we can incorporate into any of the other services we offer, so you can see how it can be used in each area, you can then offer a full rounded solution to your customers. “What do you think?

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