It's not magic, it's math.

Search engine optimization can be a very strange thing and can be very confusing for most people. There are many things that the major search engines look for, this can be on your website (Onsite) or looking for information relating to your website in different sources (offsite).

It requires a very fine balance to have all of the ingredients in place on your website and in a specific order for things to run correctly, some of the items which the search engines look for to determine your website's ranking are:


  • Optimum Keyword Groups – Long tail keywords
  • Content which relates highly to these keyword groups, this can be existing content and new content.
  • Having the best website infrastructure and architecture possible (navigation structure)


  • High-quality profiles and high-quality backlinks
  • Social media presence which provides links to your site
  • Reviews which link to your site
  • Citations – references about your site which are not linked

​You can have all of this in place, and still not garner the results which you are expecting. The tips and tricks of piecing it all together are the secrets to obtaining the best SEO strategy.

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Site Structure

Once you have all of your items in place, a search engine will release a bot which crawls your site to gather all the relevant information, this is where a clean and simple design comes into play, this makes it easier for the bot to do its job. Within this, you would also focus on the usability of your site, we all know how horrible it is to use a site which is difficult to navigate around.

This lack of decent navigation or usability also has an effect on your site in varying ways, if you have a clean and easy to use site, visitors are likely to stay as it is a pleasure to use and your content will be clear and concise, posts will be shared more regularly and these visitors will likely come back to pay your site another visit.

This can be good for your business as we all know, more traffic equals more potential customers, but it also affects your rankings within the search engines, it is not known by most people, yet search engines monitor if visitors remain on a website for a long period, and this they call the bounce rate


Many sites used to re-spin content from other sites and obtain higher rankings by this and other tricks in which the search engines could be fooled by. Now good content is the King within SEO, and good content can’t be faked, it must be original, meaningful and give a rich experience to your visitors. Such is the effect this can have on your site, here are a few reasons why it is important.

Content equals authority and with authority comes influence and trust from readers.

Content leads to shares if readers like your content they will share it (think Facebook shares etc.) and with these shares, you will have an increase in organic rankings or search results. With this high-quality content sharing, you are gaining many link building opportunities, both of which can be internal or external, this gives both your traffic and your authority an increase

Fresh & Inviting can let the search engines know your site is current and up to date, and with this comes a boost in rankings.

Long-tail keywords are words of three to four words long and are specific to your products or your services you are providing if you get this right you can see a massive increase in site visits.

Link Building

Only organic or natural links which are gained by the above procedures are good for your site, any other methods can be shady and leave your site in an unhealthy position.

Manual link building, offline link building, broken links and outreach links when used to create links can also be beneficial, yet these require a large amount of effort and is best left to professionals who fully understand how to make full use of them.

Optimal SEO Strategy

Site structure, content and link building in many people’s eyes are enough for SEO, yet, this is actually only the beginning, it is a good base to build on as there are many more important layers to come:

PPC advertising or pay per click advertising should integrate well into your overall structure.

Social Media Marketing is now becoming commonplace for many businesses, although shares on social media platforms don’t directly affect your rankings, the amount of traffic visiting your site after your exposure on social media platforms will affect your rankings.

Conversion Optimization has one goal, and this is to turn visitors into customers, and this is where a good website design comes into play, strategically placed calls to action and a highly effective navigation tree are all important factors in the overall SEO optimization structure.

On-Page optimization is crucial for great success, you could have a killer home page which is full of the best content, yet if your keywords are not included enough, search engines will not recognize you enough to give a proper ranking, all of your keywords and titles amongst other things have a major effect on your site's SEO.

Lets take a look at your site.

As you can see, the effects of not having a full SEO strategy can have a major effect on your business, and it is highly advisable you think of having your current strategy looked at to make sure it is performing as well as it could.

Not only can you lose out on potential sales through missed search engines results, but there are thousands of your competitors who are taking all of this very seriously, especially now there are major updates being released from the major search engines, and which continually penalize sites which are not following the methods and techniques above, and provide the all-important experience, and up to date content, which can only make the internet a more enjoyable, and profitable place for everyone.

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