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No matter what online business you have, be it physical products you sell or services you offer, part of the parcel is allowing customers to leave reviews. This can affect your business in one of two ways.

Good Reviews
These can attract more potential customers to your brand, as these positive reviews help to promote the quality of your brand, it is for this reason, many people aim to get as many reviews as possible as it is looked at as free advertising or word of mouth, but in a digital form.

Negative Reviews
These can have a dramatic effect on your business, and any product that has bad reviews will in a very short time, not be worth your time and effort, it could be the case these bad reviews spread quicker than actual good reviews, so this is why you ultimately have to do something about it.

Online review management las vegas
Online Review Management Las Vegas

We can help with your online reviews.

All is not lost, the friendly staff at DotSense Media can help you in your online review management service and will not leave you feeling stranded and fending for yourself. Many companies rely on software products to manage their reviews but a personal touch is much easier to control and although it can be slightly more difficult to monitor, a person can make decisions which software cannot do.

Such is the impact of online reviews; many companies are starting to use them as a marketing tool so missing replying to a review can decrease customer satisfaction. Our experts have found that around 67% of online purchasers are influenced by reviews.

When a business starts to have business pages on many online platforms and having a large social media presence, their aim is to increase traffic, attract new customers and ultimately increase sales. Once you have such a presence, it can quickly become difficult in managing all these reviews, especially when you find you have to respond to them.

When you opt for an Online Review Management Service from DotSense Media, we have a team of online management experts who can evaluate how large of an online presence you have and present you with an online review strategy that can ease your burden of dealing with reviews and let you concentrate on taking your business to the next level.

Our experts have also found, there are many people who love to complain, and they feel obliged to review a product or service, yet happy customers prefer to keep quiet and are more passive when it comes to leaving a review.  With a few actions, we can make sure your happy customers become more vocal about their experience.

DotSense media will track your reviews across numerous review sites, and supply you with either daily or weekly reports you will be able to see in which areas are receiving positive or negative reviews.

Let us help you look good onilne.

Once our professionals have put a management practice into place, and you are registered to some of the many review sites, our steady and organic approach can see a significant increase in your ratings within 1 – 4 months, although this does depend on a number of review sites you are registered with and the quality of your previous reviews

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