Google My Business

Google Local or Google my Business id a free service for everyone, yet making the best from it can be a little daunting for a lot of people.

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How Can It Work For Me?

Google local can place your customer information right into a Google search or even if they make a search on Google maps, once someone searches for a business in their specific area, all businesses are showed along with company information are displayed at the side of the search results.

It is possible for people to see on a map overlay of where a business is in relation to where they are searching from, not only this, but you can display more information in which to entice these potential customers.

This can be telephone numbers, directions and if you have a website, you also have the possibility to include further information such as photos of your establishment or products, one further thing that is shown is customer reviews, this can make or break for your business, positive reviews can lead to more custom, yet negative reviews can lead directly to someone clicking and choosing another company.

How It All Works

Google My Business Las VegasOnce your business has been signed up, you are presented with a dashboard. From here you can add and update your business information as it changes, as soon as you change any company information, this is immediately updated in any google search which you are shown.

From this dashboard, you will have instant updates of customer reviews and give you an immediate chance to respond to them.

It may seem simple, yet there are gauges which provide you with information to see how many people are actually checking your business.

  • Clicks and calls – these allow you to see how many people have clicked on your company phone number, looked for directions or paid a visit to your website.
  • Views – this will show you how many times a customer finds your business, and over time it will provide you with a trend.
  • Directions – this will show how many times driving directions are searched for people seeking your business location.

DotSense Media can help you set up this service and make sure your business is noticed by the many people who are searching every day. We have professionals who work on making businesses visible to the thousands of customers in your area.

We can also show you the best way to manage your reviews from Google local and also how to manage your reviews from any other sources, and how best to react and engage with your customers.

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